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BlackwaterAquaria.com Quality New England Discus


Planted aquariums can a beautiful addition to any home.
Experience The Beauty Of Discus Fish

We have over 30 years of experience providing high-quality discus to our customers throughout the East Coast.

Fill your home aquarium with colorful discus fish from Blackwater Aquaria, a home-based business in Meriden, Connecticut. All of our discus are tank-bred, which means they are less likely to develop any diseases. With more than 30 years of experience keeping Discus, we pride ourselves on having a keen eye for quality and offering exceptional customer service.

We are retailers that offer quality discus fish throughout the New England Region. Our store is easily accessible from New York to Boston. We are also close to all major highways, including Interstate 91, Interstate 84, Interstate 95, and Interstate 691. Blackwater Aquaria is located in Meriden, CT. We specialize in discus fish for sale.

Contact our fish store in Meriden, Connecticut, to purchase some of the most beautiful strains of discus fish on the market.


"Enjoy the beauty of the king of the aquarium"

"Find the perfect discus fish for your home aquarium."

"Choose from an assortment of beautiful and healthy discus fish."