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Discus Fish

Discus Fish Facts

Discus fish are freshwater fish and considered "the king of the aquarium." They come in a wide assortment of colors and patterns. At Blackwater Aquaria, all of our fish are tank bred, and wild discus fish are available during certain seasons. We buy our fish in the four-inch plus range.


Discus fish come in many different strains that include solid, spots, or striated. Visit my home-based business to see the options available to you.


The discus fish is very social with a calm temperament. They enjoy being in a school of fish, making them the perfect additions to your aquarium.

Tank Friends

Some tank mates are better than others are, because they won't stress the discus fish out. The best ones to put with them are cory cats and bushy nose plecos.

Tank Setup

Discus need to have the water at least 84 degrees. For this reason, the most preferred tank setup is the bare bottom aquarium. This setup features nothing but the discus and a tank with plants in it.

Contact our fish store in Meriden, Connecticut, to adorn your aquarium with our vibrantly colored discus fish.